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Scott Weiland Sued by the People He Hired to Sue Other People

  • Axl Rosenberg

weiland lawyer fightScott Weiland is unreliable. Shocking news, I know — especially given that rockstar junkies who have been fired from not one but two prominent bands multiple times are usually known for being so on top of shit — but it’s true.

So you can’t blame G&M Law for taking on Weiland as a client and expecting to be paid for their work. No one could ever have predicted that Weiland would drop the ball there.

And yet  he has, according to TMZ:

“G&M Law claims they represented Scott in 2013 when he was sued by Stone Temple Pilots for allegedly sabotaging their tour. G&M says they worked a ton of hours for Scott, including filing a countersuit against STP… but Scott dropped them for another firm a year later.

“The G&M lawyers say they were cooperative during the transition to the other firm but claim Scott still stiffed them on the tab.”

Weiland allegedly owes G&M more than $50,000 in fees. The singer is supposedly worth a cool ten million, so it’s not like he can’t afford to pay them. Poor guy probably just left the invoice under his spoon and lighter one night and totally forgot to pay up. I’m sure this all just a big misunderstanding that will be resolved faster than you can say “somebody raped my tapeworm abortion.”

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