A Blaze In The Southern Moon: America Will Get The Black Whopper


Last year, Burger King Japan announced the creation of the Kuro Burger, or ‘black burger’, which was all-black all over–bamboo charcoal-dyed buns and cheese, sauce colored with squid ink, and black pepper-filled patties. The burger was immediately hailed by the metal press as being kvlt as fuck, even though it also looked, you know, kind of gross.

Well, according to our brothers at Metal Injection, we’ll get to judge this infernal sandwich for ourselves, as Burger King will be bringing a black-bunned “Halloween Whopper” to the states this October. Sadly, the burger will not have the black cheese or sauce, but it will have the unsettling black bun. Here’s a picture of what it’ll look like:


I’ll be honest, this burger looks pretty gross to me. The black bun doesn’t make me think of Halloween, it just reminds me of the hoagie that gives Homer food poisoning.

That said, you know I’m going to eat one of these suckers. Are you kidding me? Halloween and burgers are two of my favorite things in the world, and I’m not going to be the only metalhead in the US who doesn’t chow down on a greasy hunk of pure evil.

The Halloween Whopper should hit stores sometime next month. Send us a picture of yours with a pentagram of ketchup drawn on it.

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