Former Korn Drummer David Silveria: “I’m Sure Their New Record Will Be More Shit”


silveria sues kornIt’s no secret that drummer David Silveria has massive Korn chip on his shoulder with regards to his former band. He has talked shit about Fieldy, he has talked shit about Jonathan Davis, and, most recently, he has sued the band for allegedly failing to give him his cut of the profits made after he split with the group.

Well, entertaining news: he has not yet forgiven and forgotten!

The PRP reports that Munky recently made a comment about wanting Korn’s next album “to solidify our legacy,” to which Silveria responded on Facebook…


Although nobody loves insulting Korn more than I do, I don’t really understand why he’s so offended by Munky’s comment. What legacy do Korn have to solidify — that of getting really rich making total drek?

Don’t worry, Dave. When they write the book on horrible music from the late-90s, you will surely be remembered. Millions of years from now, when aliens come visit the dead husk of whatever remains of Earth, they’ll look to any old magazines they can find for research purposes, and sooner or later, they will come across this advertisement…


…and they shall know: David Silveria was a tool.

So rest easy, man. Your legacy is assured.

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