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Listen: Phil Anselmo Covers Celtic Frost’s “The Usurper” with Child Bite


Morbid Tales Celtic Frost Tribute
When I saw a press release announcing that Phil Anselmo covered a Celtic Frost tune with Child Bite, I was really, REALLY hoping it’d be something from Cold Lake. How awesome would that’ve been? The Internets would’ve gotten so mad! About as mad as when they’re reminded that Pantera used to be a glam band before they got all hvy and srs. Total missed opportunity for Phil to troll the masses.

Alas, it’s “The Usurper,” from Celtic Frost’s classic 1985 album To Mega Therion, but don’t worry… it still rips. Probably way more than anything from Cold Lake would’ve, honestly. Most importantly, Anselmo TOTALLY nails the trademark Tom G. Warrior grunt the many times it makes an appearance in this track. Ooooo-oh!

The track comes from Morbid Tales: A Tribute To Celtic Frost, a compilation also featuring Persekutor, Acid Witch, Temple Of Void, Municipal Waste, Hayward featuring Scott Kelly and Jason Roeder of Neurosis, Evoken and Coffin’s Slave featuring Scott Carlson of Repulsion paying tribute to the legendary Swiss metallers. The 155-page comic companion piece, Morbid Tales! An Illustrated Tribute To Celtic Frost, came out last year via Corpse Flower Records as well.

Stream the track below via DecibelMorbid Tales: A Tribute To Celtic Frost comes out on November 13th; there are only 500 copies being pressed — in five different color variants — so order yours here before they’re all gone.

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