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Music Video Premiere: InTechnicolour, “Lend Me a Crushed Ear”


InTechnicolourThe first few bars of “Lend Me a Crushed Ear” might not be enough to convince you that Brighton, UK-based stoner/desert rock band InTechnicolour sound much different from Baroness, Mastodon, Red Fang and the like. But stick with it for just a few seconds more — that’s asking a lot in the age of Buzzfeed attention spans, we know — and you’ll quickly hear what sets the band apart and why we dig this song so much.

It’s technical in a way that Baroness aren’t, melodic in a way that Mastodon can’t be, and trippy in a way that Red Fang won’t touch. InTechnicolour have also got an element of desert rock swagger, ala Kyuss or Karma to Burn, that none of the aforementioned bands do. There are elements of all of those bands and their ilk present, sure, but what InTechnicolour are offering is a beast all its own. And this is just their first recording! It’ll be exciting to see where these guys take things over time as they’re allowed to stretch out and expand.

The video is entertaining to watch, too, with its fittingly psychedelic visual effects laid atop footage of the band jamming. Watch it below. Intechnicolour’s debut self-titled EP comes out on November 13th via Small Pond Recordings; pre-order it here.

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