Katy Perry Once Sang Back-Up Vocals for P.O.D.

  • Axl Rosenberg

This lil’ factoid is on Wikipedia, so I guess it’s not news to some folks. Not being much an expert in the work of P.O.D. or Katy Perry, though, I was completely unaware of it until a fortuitous re-tweet from Adrian Begrand. But now I do know, and it’s blowing my mind.

Katy Perry sang backing vocals on the P.O.D.’s track “Goodbye for Now” in 2006, when she was still known as “Katy Hudson” and two years before “I Kissed a Girl” made her a household name.


Not kidding.

On the studio version AND live.

See? Her she is performing it with the band on The Tonight Show:

Look, she’s even in the goddamn video:

I can only imagine the reason people don’t talk about this more is because Perry doesn’t want them to. So if she’s reading this, I would just like to say:

Ms. Perry, you were married to Russell Brand. So the fact that you once accepted money to work for P.O.D. is only the second-most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done! Hopefully that makes you feel a little better. Glad I could help.

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