Faith No More Go “Sunny Side Up” in New Video


Once upon a time, when it still mattered, Faith No More were one of those bands who consistently made great music videos. They were weird and visually arresting and memorable (I can recall EVERYone was talking about the mirrors on the floor in the “Epic” and “Falling to Pieces” videos). Most of them didn’t have narratives (and even the most famous one that did really had someone else’s narrative [“Your Last Cup of Sorrow” = Hitchcock’s Vertigo, ICYDK]), and they were still great.

So one of the only real disappointments regarding the band’s reunion album, Sol Invictus, is that the band hasn’t made any really cool videos. Which makes sense — like I said, as promotional tools go, videos barely matter anymore — but has been a letdown nonetheless.

A letdown FNM have now remedied! Their clip for the Sol Invictus track “Sunny Side Up” is pretty much goddam perfect, and, again, it’s not even that complicated or expensive-looking. Is it original? I suspect that Revocation and Gary Ross would say “no.” Is the metaphor a little heavy handed? Yes. But it doesn’t really matter — it’s well-executed and it’s entertaining and, again, it’s memorable. I had fun watching it. Yay fun!!!

Watch “Sunny Side Up” below. Sol Invictus is out now.

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