Sanzu Provide Vocabulary Lesson of the Day with “Ubiety”


Gojira are apparently making the greatest album of all time, but doing so is taking them some, um, time. But don’t be sad that the Super Duplantier Bros. won’t have a new release out in 2015: Sanzu will sate your thirst for titanous elephants marching riffs and Morbid Angelisms. There’s a good reason the Australian band is one of our favorite new discoveries of the year.

Now the band has scored a hat trick of awesomeness with their new song, “Ubiety”:

  1. The track wrecks.
  2. It has been released via a true rarity: a lyric video that is actually visually stimulating  and doesn’t feel like it was just made on lyricvideogenerator.com
  3. It teaches many of us a new word!

Seriously, I know I’ve said this before, but I truly mean it with all my heart: one of the things I love about metal is all the new words it’s taught me over the years. Insalubrious! Kalopsia! Cunt! These are just some of the SAT words I have learned as a result of listening to metal since I was just a wee one, and I can now add “ubiety” to this list.

ubiety definition


Check out “Ubiety” below. It will appear on the band’s debut full-length, Heavy Over the Home, which comes out December 3. Pre-order it here!!!

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