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Streamtopsy: Cryptopsy Stream New EP, The Book Oof Suffering: Tome 1

  • Axl Rosenberg

cryptopsy bookofsuffering1

Our homie Emperor Rhombus recently announced that he felt optimistic about Cryptopsy’s new EP, The Book of Suffering: Tome 1, and based on the comments section, it seems as though many of you shared his sentiments. So, HUZZAH! The EP is now available for your streaming pleasure, courtesy of Metal Injection. In addition to continuing to wash the bad taste of The Unspoken King out of our collective mouth, it features the single best song ever written about a man who brutally beheaded and ingested pieces of his victim on a Greyhound bus. So, y’know, now you have listen to it.

Stream The Book of Suffering, Tome 1 below. It comes out this Friday, October 30.

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