NEW JAMZ 4 U: Goliath, Culture Killer & Kublai Khan


It has never been cheaper or easier to record and distribute your music. This is awesome because it means that many people who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to create music are now able to do so, but it also means that it’s harder than ever for smaller bands to cut through the noise. Look at this site for proof: you idiots pay 10x more attention to the latest gossip on Dave Mustaine’s house or some guy from QUEENSRYCHE than you do “Unsigned & Unholy” or album reviews. With that in mind, I will use my power as an influential, tastemaking blogger to share some of my favorite new music– please take a break from bidding on ANNIHILATOR merch and pay attention for a moment.

My friends in GOLIATH dropped this song featuring a guest appearance by Todd from NAILS. It’s mixed by Eyal Levi so it sounds amazing, and is without a doubt their best material yet.

I don’t really know much about CULTURE KILLER other than that they are a newer band on Metal Blade and apparently recently moved to Ocala, Florida– who moves to Ocala?!? In any case, they sound a lot like early 18 VISIONS, which is always welcome in my book. Check them out if you miss SEVENTH STAR, TOO PURE TO DIE and XDEATHSTARX!

And last but not least we have the new single from KUBLAI KHAN. For some reason, based solely on their name I always assumed this band was Decibel-friendly hipster metal (like one of those bands that would play a Scion show), but they are definitely not. I am not the biggest fan of the vocals, but this is some very well-done moshcore and the world can always use more of that!

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