Periphery’s Misha Mansoor Demos a Brand New Song (with Orchestra!) for Toontrack


I like to think of Periphery guitarist/creator/mastermind Misha Mansoor as the kind of dude who craps out good riffs the way most of us approach eating and sleeping. Sitting on the toilet taking a dump? Oh, that fart made a cool pattern, there’s a riff. Driving to the store to get milk? Sweet tone coming from the engine, boom, there’s a riff. Washing machine making some bizarre noises? Sick rhythm!

Misha is in fact just a normal dude who works incredibly hard at his craft, but the pace at which he releases music (Periphery, Haunted Shores, tons of other stuff) is damn impressive. His latest is just a two-minute composition he put together for Toontrack’s Metal Month to demo their new Progressive EZX drum kit expansion pack — Misha’s long been a supporter and user of Toontrack products — but it’s a damn cool tune in its own right. What’s more, he’s got a full electronic orchestra going here, something he’s been hinting that he’s been working on recently.

Check out the tune below.

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