Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe Issues Statement Regarding Dublin Assault

  • Axl Rosenberg

Lamb of God vocalist Randy Blythe seems to be equally blessed and cursed: he’s in one of modern metal’s most successful and well-respected bands, but totally random, fucked-up shit seems to happen to him on a not irregular basis, like being arrested for manslaughter in the Czech Republic, or getting jumped by a bunch of hoodlums in Dublin. Meanwhile, nothing really bad ever seems to happen to Chris Fronzak. Don’t tell me there’s justice in the world.

ANYWAY, regarding that Dublin incident: Lambofgoat reports that Blythe has now issued a statement on the subject. And that statement is…

“Since lots of people are asking, in regards to the incident that happened in Dublin, I am fine- just a couple of scrapes and bruises, no lasting damage. I’ve hurt myself worse before skateboarding, so it’s nothing I can’t shake off- I have a pretty hard head, haha. I explained the whole thing on my Instagram- it was regrettable, but to a great degree it was also my own fault for not paying more attention to my surroundings- I knew better, but I got distracted taking photos.

“I’m just glad it wasn’t any worse, because it could have been. I got off pretty easily, thanks to a good hearted cab driver who scattered those kids while I made it back to my hotel (thank you, whoever you are). That’s why I posted about it, to remind my photographer friends (and anyone else who might be out wandering in any city, not just Dublin) to remain alert at all times. These things can happen very quickly if you aren’t on guard, and it certainly did in my case, in a matter of five seconds or so- learn from my mistake. This is the reality of today’s world.

“And in retrospect, I’m not even mad at these youth, I’m honestly not- it’s more sad to me that jumping strangers is how some kids get their kicks. To me this indicative of a lack of proper parenting- we as a society are failing our children when we raise them in such an over-permissive manner that assaulting random people is considered fun.

“It is true that boys will be boys, and I am certainly no angel- I had my share of stupid scraps growing up. But it never once occurred to me to gather four or five of my friends together and go beat some random person up for that evening’s entertainment. That is not how my parents raised me. It’s weak, cowardly, and very, very unmanly.

“So I ask you, parents- is that what we want for our children? Cowardice and a mob mentality where people are afraid to stand on their own as individuals? I I hope not. Keep an eye on your kids, ok?

“As for Ireland- I’ll be back. No worries- I’m not afraid of your beautiful green island. Unfortunately, I just happened to meet a few of your undesirables, and they exist everywhere. See you on the road.”

I’m (duh) elated that Randy escaped mostly unharmed, and I continue to be in awe of his zen-like ability to not let these kinds of events get too far under his skin. “I’m not even mad at these youths”?!?! Seriously? I’m mad at these youths, and I’ve never even met Randy Blythe. We should all aspire to be more like this guy.

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