$500 Tool Meet and Greets: Now a Regular Occurrence



So I guess some fans actually did pay $500 for a meet and greet at Tool’s recent Halloween show — ’cause guitarist Adam Jones is going to do them throughout the band’s January tour. From Blabbermouth:

“According to The Pulse Of Radio, pricey VIP incentives are a common thing at concerts these days, and Tool isn’t shying away from the concept on its just-announced 2016 North American run. The band is offering VIP packages for fan-club members on the trek that include one ticket to the concert, admission for one into a VIP event in the venue, a VIP merchandise pack, early access to tour merchandise for purchase, refreshments, a photo opportunity and a live question-and-answer session with guitarist Adam Jones.

“The total cost for one package? $500. Fans are allowed to purchase up to two packages only, and the subject of the Q&A session is subject to change at each stop on the tour.”

Christ on a cracker — why does the Q&A session have a subject at all? Shouldn’t the subject just be, y’know, “You paid me five hundred bucks, now ask me whatever you want!”? What question could a fan ask that could possibly be SO HORRIBLE as to be off-limits? Even if the questions are ridiculous and/or annoying (e.g., “When is the new Tool album coming out?”, “What do Maynard’s farts smell like?”, “When is the new Tool album coming out?”, “What did you have for lunch today?”, and “When is the new Tool album coming out?”), for that much money, you’d think Jones could just laugh ’em off, provide an equally silly answer, and move on.

Also, LOL at only being allowed to buy two of these tickets. I wanna meet the guy who was gonna shell out more than $1,000 so he and at least two of his buddies who apparently don’t have access to their own computers or credit cards could go to this.

I love Tool more than I love some members of my own family, but this is beyond ridiculous.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

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