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Exmortus Wish “Death To Tyrants”


Exmortus - Ride ForthTo date we’ve heard three tracks from the upcoming Exmortus album Ride Forth (January 8th, Prosthetic), and all three have delivered exactly what we expect and hope for from the band that plays what our own Emperor Rhombus has deftly termed “straightforward sword metal.”

First there was “For the Horde,” which was released on a 7″ and will also be included on Ride Forth, and then there was “Relentless,” and equally bullet-train-paced track full of wicked shreddery, acrobatic riffs and plenty of lyrics about swords and sorcerers or whatever. Now we get “Death to Tyrants,” which features no less shreddery or sword-wielding, but does so at a more deliberate, mid-paced clip. To keep the rail analogy going, maybe this one is like the Amtrak of Exmortus songs — it gets you there in plenty of time, certainly faster than a bus would, but it ain’t no Japanese shit.

Check it out below. Ride Forth comes out January 8 on Prosthetic. Pre-order it here.

Also check out this video of a baby moshing to Exmortus because A BABY MOSHING TO EXMORTUS.

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