TesseracT Tell You About All the Gear They Use at Their Live Shows


If you’ve never seen TesseracT live, you’re missing out. Forget whether you like the band or not (which I most certainly do); they are, objectively, one of the tightest, most cohesive live units working in metal today. It’s a very impressive sight to behold (and sound to hear).

But just how do they achieve their tones, and how is their show put together into one well-oiled unit? Gear Gods interviewed all four of the band’s instrument-playing members at their November show in LA (on their recently wrapped tour with The Contortionist), and Acle, Amos, James and Jay all gave the GG crew a ridiculously detailed rundown of their gear, piece by piece. This is the kind of stuff music nerds live for!

Watch the video below. More just like this with plenty of other bands on the Gear Gods YouTube channel.

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