Most Metal Video Ever of the Day: Dude Shreds in a Preschool Classroom, Kiddie Mosh Pit Ensues


Kids are the darndest little creatures, aren’t they? With no preconceptions about the world, they’ll go along with pretty much anything you tell ’em is cool. It’s one of the things I’m most looking forward to about the hellspawn MetalGF and I have created; indoctrinating the guy with all things grim, frosty, brutal, punishing and bleak. The poor sap won’t know any better, at least until he becomes a teenager and inevitably rebels against his super uncool dad (even though we gave him the most metal name OF ALL TIMES).

But back to pre-adolescent innocence: guitarist Dan Sugarman (of As Blood Runs Black) recently launched a solo project dubbed Centersun, and he shot his very first music video live in a preschool classroom. The results, as you might’ve guessed, are hilarious and magical all the same. Explains Dan:

This clip is as real as gets – I performed this track live for a class room full of 2-4 year olds in the most colorful classroom I’ve ever been in. The juxtaposition between the music and the visuals are unreal haha so I just set cameras up all around the room, gave the kids a few go pros, and did my thing.

Watch the video below and check out Centersun on Bandcamp. The highlights, obviously, are the silly things the kids do: putting stickers all over Sugarman’s face, attempting to play his guitar and, of course, their adorable little mosh pits.

[via Gear Gods]

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