What Kind of Beer Does Glenn Danzig Drink?


What kind of beer does Glenn Danzig drink? It’s a question that’s been tossed around at heavy metal concerts and fancy dinner parties alike for a good three decades now, yet still there is no definitive answer. Does he enjoy a nice, dark stout? A flavorful IPA? A diet-conscious light beer?

Gear Gods took to the streets to find out in a segment they’re dubbing “Beer Gods,” asking the members of several metal bands — including Revocation, Toxic Holocaust, Sannhet, Black Crown Initiate and more — which beer they think Danzig enjoys the most. The answers are surprisingly varied, although the one that crops of the most is “he doesn’t.” And if we learned anything from the Portlandia Season 6 trailer that dropped earlier this week Danzig enjoys a nice glass of red, so maybe there’s something to that.

Watch the segment below and opine on what you think of Mr. Danzig’s beer preference in the comments.

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