News Round-Up: Scott Weiland, Nine Inch Nails, Thy Will Be Done, Immortal Sock Puppets, Rob Zombie Vs. The Force Awakens, and More

  • Axl Rosenberg

Hey gang! So yeah our regular posting schedule is dunzo ’til 2016, but we will be sharing some news bites with you every weekday prior to our return. News bites like these!

  • Thy Will Be Done shared this horrible news on Facebook:

    We’re sending out good thoughts to Jay and to his loved ones. Hopefully he’s back on his feet and behind the kit soon.

  • Scott Weiland’s bassist, Tommy Black, has been cleared of charges of drug possession. Deputy Bloomington Police Chief Mike Hartley tells People that because the drugs were found in a bunk on a tour bus, it’s too difficult to prove that the cocaine belonged to Black and not someone else on the bus. Fair enough.
  • Good news for fans of Trent Reznor music that a) has vocals and b) has Reznor and not his wife on vocals:

  • Remember that Immortal sock puppet parody that came out last Christmas? It has a sequel now:
  • The PRP reports that Rob Zombie is the only one on Earth not interested in seeing The Force Awakens:

    “Am I the only one on Earth not interested in seeing The Force Awakens? Just wondering. Trust me I fucking loved Star Wars as much as everyone else back in 1977. Too bad Lucas had to add shitty new digital FX and ruin it. Oh well. I have my VHS.”

    As a director, Zombie’s highest grossing film (by far) is the critically reviled remake of 1978’s Halloween. That movie had neither shitty new digital FX nor a competent screenplay.

  • Say, have you guys heard Fucking Invincible’s new EP yet? It’s called I Hate Myself and Want You to Die, and it rules. Listen below, courtesy of Noisey:
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