Breaking Benjamin Frontman Breaks Two Xbox Controllers in Game-Induced Rage Fit


Breaking Benjamin’s Ben Burnley is taking his video game rage to Instagram. Again.

A few weeks ago he broke a copy of Star Wars: Battlefront in a fit of rage. This time he smashed an Xbox One controller over Halo 5: Guardians.

According to The PRP, Burnley’s latest incident involved posting a picture — which has since been deleted but we grabbed and posted above — of a smashed controller with the following caption:

Another controller lost to this abysmal piece of crap game called halo 5 if you get kills in this game it’s because you’re connection is better .. Not skill period .. Halo 5 owes me 2 controllers about 25 wraiths, Scorpions, ghosts and countless power weapons .. Every time I give the game a chance it gets worse .. It sucks period!! Do not buy or play this game!!!!

Say what you want about Burnley’s use of periods, but what’s really odd is hearing him speak out against Halo. Breaking Benjamin’s “Blow Me Away” was on the Halo 2 soundtrack, as well as every fucking Halo YouTube montage ever, but apparently Burnley’s hatred for the latest installment has been going on for a while now.

343 owes me a controller.. A photo posted by Benjamin Burnley (@benjaminburnleybb) on

Yeah, Burnley has broken not just one, but TWO controllers over Halo 5. Although Battlefront truly is a festering pile of dog shit and he was right to slam it, blaming your connection quality for getting killed in a shooter tends to be something people say when they’re being little bitch babies about dying. At this point, a bitch baby is all Burnley really looks like because he could have easily just stopped playing instead of breaking things and blaming the game for it.

Maybe it’s time to face the truth, Ben. You might just suck at video games.

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