Lemmy Had Tumors on His Brain and Neck, Was Given Two to Six Months to Live


More details surrounding Lemmy’s cancer diagnosis and the final days of his life are coming to light thanks to an interview with longtime Motorhead manager Todd Singerman on Sky News.

When news broke yesterday that Lemmy had passed, it was simply reported that he’d been diagnosed with “an extremely aggressive form of cancer” just two days earlier. Singerman revealed to Sky News that Lemmy had gone to the doctor a couple of days after his 70th birthday party (which took place on December 13th, although his birthday wasn’t until the 24th) because he wasn’t feeling well. Doctors decided to perform a brain scan when they noticed Lemmy’s speech sounded a bit odd, and a few days later the diagnosis of cancerous tumors came in. Explains Singerman:

Nobody had any idea, we just learned Saturday, two days ago, that he even had cancer, and the doctor told him he had between two to six months to live. He [died] today as I was making calls to Phil [Campbell] and Mikkey [Dee], telling them to come on out so they could have a last goodbye while he was still upbeat and everything. He was feeling mighty low… He wasn’t expected to die like that.

He gets home [from tour], we have a big birthday party for him at the Whisky A Go Go. His friends came down and played. Two days later, I could tell he wasn’t feeling good, so we took him to the hospital, they release him, then after the brain scan they found the cancer in his brain and his neck… The doctor comes with the result a couple of days later and says… it’s terminal.

Thinking you’ve got as little as two months to live is a harsh enough blow, but ending up with 1/30th of that must’ve been devastating — not necessarily to Lemmy, but to his family and friends. By all accounts, Lemmy was proud of his life, lived no regrets, and was ready to go as soon as it was time.

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