Stream Venomous Concept Silly

  • Axl Rosenberg

What would happen if the grind gods in Napalm Death and Brutal Truth fucked and had a baby? That adorable lil’ tyke would probably sound like Venomous Concept, the super-duper group featuring a pair of members from each of those venerable bands (along with Corrupt Moral Altar guitarist John Cooke, who is not to be confused with the brazenly untalented John Cooke from Winds of Plague).

And VC’s third full-length, Kick Me Silly – VCIII, is, in my not so humble opinion, their best offering to date. The album comes out this Friday, January 8 on Season of Mist… but why wait less than forty-eight hours to hear it when you can listen to it right now? Did you not just read me calling it their best album to date? Is it possible you don’t care for Napalm Death and/or Brutal Truth? Are you completely fucked in the head???

So go ahead and stream Kick Me Silly below, courtesy of Decibel. Like I said, it comes out this Friday. Which means that there’s still time to pre-order it, too!

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