Unsigned and Unholy: Dissident Regressor, Sublime Eyes, Corpora

Corpora - Impulse
Corpora, Impulse

Chicago’s Dissident Regressor are a savage beast. Part grind, part punk, part ravenous canine, the band’s latest EP Fuck You. Go Die. — produced by the super-versatile Sanford Parker — is the perfect antidote for those bummed out by the demise of Enabler.

Too many bands inspired by At the Gates lost the plot and got all cheesy, either over time or from the get go by design. But not Sublime Eyes! Don’t let their bizarrely emo band name fool you; these guys know how to do old-school Swedish melodic death metal just right. Check out new album Sermons & Blindfolds below.

Corpora have the progressive post-metal that can either bring your gloomy day up or send it even further into a downward spiral, depending on what you’re looking for. Either way, the Los Angeles act does a great job of weaving clean-picked, atmospheric guitar leads into a punishing backdrop of noise and burly, mammoth-sized, distorted riffs. Here’s new album Impulse:

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