Whitechapel Reveal Mini-Documentary And New Album Producer

  • Phil Boozeman

Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to tour as the country’s premier deathcore act? Turns out it isn’t too much different from being any act, other than the shows having bigger crowds and paying more. Whitechapel’s new 12-minute documentary, Untold, shows how the band has settled into the touring lifestyle and how they cope with being in close quarters with so many other band members day in and day out. Anyone who has ever had any job knows that seeing the same people every day can make you irritable so that isn’t exactly shocking, but the camera work and cinematography in Untold are incredible and make it worth watching whether you’re a Whitechapel fan or not.

But the other and far more interesting revelation [via press release from Metal Blade] is that Whitechapel have revealed Mark Lewis as the producer for their next album, which the band began recording this week. Mark Lewis has recorded with Cannibal Corpse and DevilDriver, among others, so we can expect some good things from him. Hopefully we can expect the same from the new Whitechapel album because Our Endless War slid a little too far down the groove metal ramp. Only time will tell, but this will be Whitechapel’s sixth album, and six tends to be a pretty good number in metal.

[via The PRP]

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