Primal Fear are the Power Metal “Rulebreaker”


If you’re not listening to Primal Fear, you’re doing metal wrong.

In a world devoid of good power metal, Primal Fear are one of the few bands who proudly carry the torch and do it justice. Album after album — released every two years on the money, almost like clockwork — Primal Fear deliver a healthy dose of big, driving riffs, guitarmonies, epic vocals and singalong choruses. Best of all, they do it with juuuuust the right amount of cheese: Primal Fear aren’t a head cheese or a gorgonzola, nor are they Swiss or American. They’re a sharp cheddar with a decent bite, or a luscious, triple-creme brie, or perhaps a nutty gruyere. Absolutely delicious! And Ralf Scheepers’ gruff, rock n’ roll vocals are the perfect foil for that oft-annoying power metal shriek.

Check out “Rulebreaker” from Primal Fear’s forthcoming album of the same name, due January 29th via Frontiers; pre-order here.

Also be sure to listen to “Bullets & Tears” from the album as well, which MS co-head-honcho Axl Rosenberg describes as “the best Judas Priest song not written by Judas Priest that you will hear this week.”

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