The Ghost Inside Drummer Andrew Tkaczyk Lost a Leg in Bus Crash


The members of The Ghost Inside have been relatively quiet since their November bus crash; though all of them miraculously survived they were reported to have sustained very serious injuries requiring multiple surgeries and extended hospital stays. The drivers of both the band’s bus and the truck it hit weren’t lucky enough to suffer even that fate; both lost their lives in the crash.

In recent days the members of the band have finally begun to share the extent of their injuries and post updates from the hospital. Singer Jonathan Vigil had a fractured neck, broken ankle and serious flesh wounds on his elbow (requiring a skin graft), back and head. Guitarist Zach Johnson didn’t reveal the exact extent of his injuries other than to say he’s now had EIGHT surgeries on his feet, legs and hip. Drummer Andrew Tkaczyk posted a photo of the view from his hospital room with a message of positivity, but didn’t elaborate.

And now we understand why, as Tkaczyk’s injuries are the most serious of any we know so far: the drummer has lost a leg from what looks to be the knee down. He also suffered fractures in his ribs, spine, and hip and had tears in the rotator cuff and labrum of his shoulder. Making matters even worse, he woke up after a 10-day coma following the accident to the sight of his missing leg… can you even imagine??? I cannot. One day you’re trucking along in your bus playing to adoring crowds, living the life, and the very next moment you’re in a hospital, you look down, your leg is gone, you have no recollection of any of it and you’re told TEN days have passed. Beyond words or anything I’ve ever experienced. Ultimate praise to Andrew for having the courage to push through these surgeries and rehabilitation, and to accept his injury and attempt to move on.

Here’s Tkaczyk’s update via Instagram:

Gofundme page set up by MetalSucks’ own Brian Storm to help cover The Ghost Inside’s medical bills has raised over $150,000 to date, although it’s now abundantly clear that that amount won’t even begin to cover their medical treatment; they probably blew right through it in a matter of days. The Gofundme drive is still open, so please give what you can. Epitaph Records is also giving all proceeds from the sale of the band’s material directly to them, so please buy some of their music as well. Every little bit helps.

Godspeed to Tkaczyk and the rest of The Ghost Inside. Cannot WAIT to see video of him playing drums again, hopefully sooner rather than later.

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