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Update: Phil Anselmo was Drinking Lemon-Flavored Vodka in Photo, not White Wine


Phil Anselmo lemon vodkaIt feels completely silly to be writing about what beverage someone was or wasn’t holding in a photo, but here it is anyway: MetalSucks reader Bob T. has sent in photographic proof that the bottle Phil Anselmo was holding in the photo that surfaced earlier today was Deep Eddy Lemon-Flavored Vodka, not white wine.

Not that it matters AT ALL anyway. There is no excuse for yelling “white power” from the stage with giving the nazi salute and there’s no excuse for Anselmo telling Robb Flynn that he “hated the n*gger era of Machine Head.” Nor is there any excuse for the many questionable things Anselmo’s said in the past, nor for the way metal musicians and the media (MetalSucks included) have routinely brushed the issue under the rug. Even if it HAD been white whine — and a tasteless joke — it wouldn’t have excused any of that behavior.

We’d like to apologize to Flynn for doubting the accuracy of his report of what went on backstage at Dimebash. Meanwhile, where is Anselmo himself on all of this? He’ll have to break his silence since dismissing the initial incident as a joke sooner rather than later. And then, hopefully, we can put this issue to bed… although I fear not.



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