Watch a Blind Fan Stage-Dive to Origin


Not to make it sound like every visually impaired person is Daredevil, but man, tech death must be insane when you’re blind. If the old lack-of-one-sense-heightens-the-others thing is true, than someone who can’t see must be able to hear all the nuances of that kind of music in vivid detail. Even crazier, obviously, must be a tech-death concert, where the sensory barrage hits you on all fronts (especially your sense of smell). I can’t even imagine doing something as overwhelming as moshing or stage-diving.

But one blind Origin fan from Winnipeg was braver than I. He joined the band onstage to off some guest vocals before launching himself into the crowd, who tossed him around before lowering him safely. You can watch a video below.

When the footage was posted, Origin commented with the following:

“Origins first ever blind stage diver! We met the gentleman that is on stage with us in this video earlier in the night at a show in Winnipeg, MB. He was rocking out hard front row during our set, and far be it from us to let something like being blind stop you from your first stage dive experience! we’ve seen young kids, people in wheelchairs, all types of people who might need an extra hand to enjoy a little crowdsurfing be taken care of safely and respectfully by their metal friends and family over the years. just goes to show how awesome this music and its fans really are! Drop not, lest yee be dropped! #hailspace”

Warms your heart, doesn’t it? This kind of shit reaffirms my belief in that ‘brotherhood of metal’ talk that I normally find so overdone and stupid.

Watch the video below, look out for each other in the pit, and go see Origin if you get a chance, ’cause those dudes rule.

[via The PRP]

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