Cavalera Brothers to Perform Sepultura’s Roots on Tour

  • Anso DF

Sepultura is one of many ’80s thrash metal acts whose ’90s recordings were marked by a shift from lean metal speed to baggy macho groove. At the time, your acceptance of their ratio of “pressure of commerce” to “creative progression” depended on perspective; a decade later, less subjective was the ease with which a fan could turn cynical when the same bands returned to thrash and disowned their post-Korn dabblings. Whatever. For the little it’s worth, each change telegraphed a lapse in confidence that jibes not one iota with metal’s DGAF ethos. There was dissonance. Still, no biggie, we’re all human.

But now what are fans to feel when an artist goes back again? That’s what Sepultura’s former frontman Max Cavalera announced to Planet Mosh on Friday: He and Sep’s ex-drummer Igor Cavelera plan to perform a full album from the band’s first era on tour this year. In the spirit of “conflicting emotions” (and maybe a dab of timely contrarianism), the brothers selected not Sepultura’s beloved breakthrough album nor the most canonized one, but, rather, their half-considered swan song Roots, a.k.a. the one that prepped fans for the elder Cavelera’s looming and enthusiastic departure for nu-metalier pastures via his next band Soulfly. And it will be performed by half of its creators and presumably none of its fancy guests, so even if Roots‘ 20th birthday is in a couple weeks, this tour feels like a non-starter. Or shit, maybe Metallica is about to announce an anniversary tour for Load.

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