Glenn Danzig Will Appear on Portlandia This Week! [Update: Now with Preview Clip!]


Update: There’s now been a preview clip of Danzig’s segment released! Watch:

Original Post: Who here has been following the current season of Portlandia, the show’s sixth? Is it as on-point as the show’s first few seasons? I felt Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein lost the plot a bit after Season 3 (or maybe just ran out of ways to make fun of pretentious young people), but I’m willing to give it another shot — those first seasons were SO funny and sharp, and from the clips I’ve seen of this season it seems like the production value has been stepped up, which surely opens up more possibilities for the writers.

Also worth giving a shot: Glenn Danzig’s guest appearance on the show, which we first learned about when it was filmed last summer. While we still don’t know much about Danzig’s role on the show — other than this brief clip, which intimates he might finally have a sense of humor about himself — we know that his episode will air this coming Thursday, February 11th. So set those DVRs, and brew up that home-cooked French onion soup special for the occasion. Or just check back here the day after for the inevitable online clip of Glenn’s appearance.

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