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The New Filter Song “Take Me to Heaven” is Good, Very Filter-y


Filter exist in a kind of netherworld of ’90s / early ’00s heavy alt-rock acts. They were never superstars, but they’re certainly not obscure. Never legends, nor underground favorites. They’re not a true radio rock band in the sense that Shinedown and Breaking Benjamin are, yet for the most part they live in that world. Filter (Richard Patrick, really) are always kind of just THERE, trucking along, releasing a new album every few years. Usually good, rarely great. Career, blue-collar rock musicians.

So here we are in 2016 with a new Filter jam called “Take Me to Heaven.” It’s got a strong groove to it with tinges of electronica, calling to mind some of the band’s early work, and it’s got a great, guitar-propelled hook with Patrick’s captivating voice, as always, as the driving force. It’s not as heavy as the bangers on The Amalgamut, but the guitars sound massive thanks to producer Ben Grosse’s trademark approach. Overall, it’s a good song! It’s not going to bowl anyone over or change the game, but fans of Filter should really dig it, as I do.

Filter’s new album Crazy Eyes comes out April 8th via Spinefarm Records.

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