These “Heavy Metal Heroes” Valentine’s Day Cards are the Most Metal Way to Shower Your Boo with Love


Last year a company called Molten Metal Merch unveiled a series of badass Valentine’s Day cards for those of us draw to the dark, twisted world of metal. Each of the “Heavy Metal Heroes” cards depicted a famous metal musician uttering sweet nothings in their trademark style, i.e. Ronnie James Dio, with sword drawn and a speech bubble that says “You’re My Rainbow in the Dark!” Genius.

This year the “Heavy Metal Heroes” cards are back with nine brand new designs featuring Alice Cooper, Jeff Hanneman, Tony Iommi, Glenn Danzig, Lita Ford and more. The nine new cards, plus the 18 designs from last year (Dio, Ozzy, King Diamond, Rob Halford, etc.), can all be yours for just $15! That’s just $0.55 each to bestow unwavering love upon 27 precious metalheads in your life… or 27 gifts upon your special someone. Think of the romantic possibilities: you could set up a treasure hunt, complete with poetic clues that tie each card’s hiding place to its pictured hero! (yeah right, like we’ve got time for that)

Buy the Heavy Metal Heroes Valentine’s Day Cards here. Tell ’em your creepy old Uncle Vince sent ya.


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