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Destruction’s New Album Art is the Bomb


Of the Big Three of German thrash, Destruction will always be my favorite. There’s something distinctly evil and mean about those dudes’ music that I just love. Even the fact that they’ll call out other well-known thrashers for perceived cowardice is kind of respect-worthy in my estimation. The modern, mature metal blogger in me sees the band’s strengths while acknowledging their weaknesses, but my sixteen-year-old thrasher I’ll always be at heart fucking loves them.

Case in point, the band has just released the art for their upcoming new album, Under Attack, and it makes the immature metalhead in my soul scream, “Fuck yes!” It was created by Hungarian artist Gyula, who’s also done work for Annihilator, Grave Digger, and Tankard. Take a look:


So basically:

Destruction’s New Album Art is the Bomb

Is that a stupid raction? Maybe. But an album cover like this makes me wonder what so many other bands are doing, with their abstract art and their geometric shapes and their overexposed photographs (damn kids!). You can tell me that in this day and age you need a cover that’s recognizable as a thumbnail on your phone, but that’s a dumb excuse. I want those vinyl covers, the album sleeves adorned over-the-top pieces of art featuring skulls, explosions, devils, and hunks of rock floating around in space. Horns to these teutonic madmen.

Under Attack comes out May 13th on Nuclear Blast.


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