Take This Heavy Metal Horror Quiz to Determine if You Need More Friends


Horror is the thing about which I’m the biggest fucking nerd. At least my total dorkery about metal allows for me to go out partying and meet new people. But horror for me is all about holing up with a stack of DVDs and spending the whole night drinking beer, eating pizza, and watching unwitting teenagers get murdered by any number of hulking monstrosities. I ride with McBeardo.

It’s especially egregious for heavy metal horror movies, because not only am I sitting around enjoying hardcore gore onscreen, I’m also chortling at every Slayer or Cannibal Corpse reference and torturing my poor girlfriend with insider backstory (“So, in ’87 Ozzy had just come out with…”). Some would say this has made me a cretin, but I’d like to think of myself as a scholar.

Well, to celebrate the UK release of heavy metal slasher movie Deathgasmhorror site Bloody Disgusting has posted a heavy metal horror quiz. And while I didn’t find it terribly difficult, I’m also, as previously stated, a total nerd about this shit. Take the quiz below and see whether you’re a well-versed heavy metal horror fanatic or someone with a healthy social life. If you’re the latter, I couldn’t pity you more.

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