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Live From Your Mom’s Garage: Steel Panther Wants Your Version of New Jam


These are good times for the little guy. More than ever, random nobodies get a chance at glory and access to the tools of excellence. Think of it: We have a shot at the job of fronting a blockbuster ’90s rock band. We can take lessons and classes with the artists that do shit the way we want to do shit. We encounter opportunities to make music then advertise it on no budget. We might even win the vaunted duty of shitting all over taking over Earth’s greatest website for an entire day! Ah, the future.

Perhaps most gratifying to the largest number of people, though, is being granted the means to pay off our karmic debt to artists who bring us joy. Via contests to do an artist’s designs and cover their songs, we can provide a chuckle and/or a profound experience to our favorites, for they are reviewing our submissions. That feels great!

And if Steel Panther represents your largest “trade deficit” of pleasure, you’re in luck: Create a cover of their new jam “That’s When You Came In” (MS exclusive here) from the forthcoming CD/DVD Live From Lexxi’s Mom’s Garage and it will be judged by members of Steel Panther themselves. Win fancy prizes and have a hilarious time filming your version, but most of all, send a little happiness in the direction of those who have given you so very much of the same over the past seven years. Or, conversely, get your revenge for the annoyance that you’ve so bravely suffered. Enter here starting next Friday.

Steel Panther’s CD/DVD Live From Lexxi’s Mom’s Garage is out February 26. Pre order here

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