Band Claims to be “Post-Deathcore,” is Wrong


On Friday, Unique Leader announced the signing of “post-deathcore outfit” So This is Suffering. Since it’s part of my job to try and keep up with all the latest ridiculously-specific sub-sub-genres of metal, I decided to check the band out to see what “post-deathcore” sounds like. I went into this experience with open ears with great optimism in my heart; if we’ve reached a point where something can be described as “post-deathcore,” maybe that means we are finally done with “deathcore.” 

Unfortunately, either So This is Suffering is not post-deathcore, or post-deathcore just sounds like present-deathcore. I’m leaning towards the former.

If someone feels like they can explain to me what the hell makes this band “post-deathcore” and not just Suicide Silence Sycophants #5,392,786, I am all ears.

If not, I look forward to forgetting who this band is in a week.

You can listen to more of their music here, if you really wanna try and figure this shit out.

[via The PRP]

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