Video: Gorguts Discuss the Writing Process for Their New Album Pleiades’ Dust

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One of the albums I am most excited about this year is the new Gorguts full-length, Pleiades’ Dust.

A few years ago, the band emerged from hiatus armed with an incredible live show, the exalted Colored Sands album, and a lineup comprising two of my favorite musicians going today: Colin Marston (Dysrhythmia, Krallice, Behold the Arctopus, Krallice, and owner/operator of Menegroth: The Thousand Caves recording studio) and Kevin Hufnagel (Dysrhythmia, Sabbath Assembly), as well as phenomenal drummer Patrice Hamelin (Beneath the Massacre, Cephalic Carnage). Gorguts had always been one of those bands who never settled for making the same record over and over again, and armed with three great independent-minded musicians, bandleader Luc Lemay was reinvigorated, inspired and, most importantly, making music again.

Pleiades’ Dust doesn’t follow the blueprint of Colored Sands. Like every album the band has made, it is a step into new territory. Perhaps most notably, it is a fresh turn structurally; the album contains one single, half-hour song that weaves in and out of various textures, feelings, and themes. It’s intricately constructed, yet feels played rather than tracked, with the kind of band spirit that doesn’t really exist anymore in the progressive, technical end of the music spectrum.

Colin is a friend of mine and a refreshingly transparent recording engineer, so he was kind enough to let me bumble around with a camera during the mixing sessions for the album. I spoke with Colin, Luc, and Kevin about a variety of subjects which formed the first installment of a new series that we will be doing on Gear Gods titled “Process.” I’m proud to premiere Part 1 of Gorguts’ entry in this series on MetalSucks. They are one of the great modern bands working today, and are about to drop a serious heavyweight of an album.

Part 2 of Process: Gorguts is coming soon on Gear Gods. Keep your eyes peeled to our site and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more in-depth gear reviews, interviews, band rig rundowns and more.

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