Listen to the Daintiest Cover of Type O Negative’s “Christian Woman” Ever


Canadian singer/songwriter Nicole Dallanganger has covered Type O Negative’s “Christian Woman” and the result might be the daintiest cover of a Type O Negative song ever. EVER. Okay, well maybe not ever, but there’s just something about that voice of hers that makes the song seem so perfect and fragile. It also offers great contrast against the slow, chugging guitars that Type O Negative are known for.

And speaking of contrast, how great would it be to see Peter Steele and Dallanganger performing “Christian Woman” as some sort of creepy duet? Obviously that won’t ever happen considering that, you know, Steele is dead and everything. But how great would it be to have his 6’8″ frame and deep-ass voice towering over Dollanganger and her high-pitched soprano while they both just rocked out to Type O? (Disclaimer: I don’t know how tall Dollangagner is, but I think it’s pretty safe to say that Steele has at least a foot on her in height.)

Listen to the cover below and check out more of Dollanganger’s work here.

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