The Return of Gotham Season 2 was so Metal it Deserves a Concept Album

  • Phil Boozeman

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If you aren’t already aware of the show Gotham then you either live under a proverbial rock or you aren’t a big fan of Batman.

Gotham is a show that tells the story of Gotham City before Bruce Wayne became Batman. It focuses on Jim Gordon’s time in the Gotham City Police Department before he was commissioner and while Bruce Wayne was still a child. However, the most interesting part of the show is seeing some of the major Batman villains — including The Riddler, Penguin, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, and a precursor to The Joker — when they were children, or at least before they became evil.

This week, in episode 212, we were introduced to one my personal favorite villains, Mr. Freeze, and the introduction was so unexpectedly metal (for Gotham at least) that I took the liberty of writing it its own death metal concept EP.

But first let’s take a look at the highlights, shall we?

  1. Former henchman Butch attaches a a drill to the nub of his severed hand and uses it to kill someone by drilling a hole through through their head.
  2. Mr. Freeze freezes a whole bunch of people with liquid helium and takes them back to his lab where he keeps them in cryostasis before experimenting on them.
  3. One of said experiments melts into corpse juice as Freeze thaws him from -200 degrees up to regular body temperature (above).
  4. Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock are in a car chase with Freeze and lose him after driving into a frozen corpse. Said collision shatters the corpse, which sends the head barreling through and breaking the windshield.
  5. An Arkham Asylum inmate laughs maniacally at the comics in the newspaper before turning around to reveal that both of his eyes have been carved out (below).

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Brutal, right? So here are the song titles in corresponding order:

Reanimated From an Arctic Hell by Darkest Knight:

  1. “Driller Killer”
  2. “Frozen in Terror”
  3. “Primordial Decomposition”
  4. “Shattered Glass and Severed Heads”
  5. “Phantom Optic Hysteria”

Call me crazy, but I really think a Gotham or Batman concept album would be a great idea. If any bands out there want to make these songs a reality, feel free. These ideas are on the house.

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