Darkest Hour Successfully Crowdfund Over $67k for Ninth Album


Darkest Hour have released eight full-length albums on three different record labels over the course of their 20-year career. To say they’ve been through the ringer would be an understatement, as would to claim they’re seasoned vets who know a thing or two about the industry by now. So it wasn’t too surprising when the Washington, DC band announced last month that they’d be going the independent route this time around, turning to their loyal fans to raise $50k for their ninth album via an IndieGogo crowdfunding campaign.

That crowdfunding campaign has now wrapped up and the band well exceeded their goal, reaching a grand total of $67,707. The band sent a “thank you” note to the campaign’s supporters via email over the weekend, expressing their gratitude and announcing their plans for the extra funds:

As of today we have raised $67,386.00 with over 1,200 contributors. That’s above our goal, so please accept our heartfelt thanks!

The extra money may allow us to enhance the artwork, produce a music video (or two), enlist a possible guest musician (or two), hire a world class producer, and lastly help fund enhanced coverage of the making of / behind the scenes action.

All fine ways to use that extra cash, we think. Supporters also got a link to a download of the DVD portion of the release, Party Scars and Prison Bars Two and a Half, which MetalSucks got an advance copy of and gave the official review treatment (it’s good!).

Now the real work begins: recording the album. Presumably it’ll still be some time before we get to hear any new music, but stay tuned to MetalSucks for any updates in the meantime. Meanwhile you can still donate to the campaign / pre-order here.

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