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Help Oracles and Ryan Knight Solve Old Problems With “Quandaries Obsolete”

  • Phil Boozeman


Monday, Monday, Monday. It never gets better and it always gets worse. But worry not because once again your good pal Phil Boozeman is here with a song that will make it not quite as shitty. This time around we have “Quandaries Obsolete” by Oracles, a relatively new band featuring Aborted’s Sven de Caluwé, Mendel Bij De Leif and Ken Bedene, and System Divide’s Steve Miller, Andre Aframov and Sanna Salou. This track in particular has some guest guitar work by Ryan Knight, who recently left The Black Dahlia Murder.

So what is there to make of all this? We have some heavy, melodic metal mixed in with some great clean vocals from Salou (who is absurdly hot if you didn’t already know) and some chaotic shredding from Knight, who is one of my favorite guitarists. Most of the song sounds like it could be something from Black Dahlia, but the lyrics can be a bit silly at times. What the hell does “Trust can turn into flights of daggers, to hammers of judgment be aware,” even mean? Whatever, I don’t get paid to go all English teacher on lyrics, I just get paid to look pretty and smack my hands on a keyboard until MetalSucks content appears.

Oracles debut album Miserycorde drops July 1 via Deadlight Entertainment. You can listen to “Quandaries Obsolete” below.

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