Video: Seven-String Bass Played in Tuning of ABCDEFG

  • Phil Boozeman

If you own, or have ever played, any sort of stringed instrument then you have no doubt looked at your strings after tuning them and wondered why the hell they don’t just go in alphabetical order instead of EADGBE. The answer to that question is in music theory, of course, but YouTuber Davie504 decided to tune his seven-string bass in alphabetical order anyway to see if he could make a song out of it.

Can he? Yes he can, and the result sounds like a really upbeat ’80s techno bit. It’s like something they would’ve played at a 1980s dystopian future night club, and that’s not a bad thing. The song is super catchy and I feel like if a few big name artists picked up on this idea we could have the birth of a whole new sub-genre of metal… as if we need another one. Folks, we could very well be witnessing first-hand the birth of ALPHABETCORE. This comes at the same time that fartcore is emerging from its rancid shell and rising up as a force in the world.

What a time to be alive.

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