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Exclusive Cinemetal Premiere: Skinless Wield a “Flamethrower”


When you think of death metal destroyers Skinless, you naturally think of a living creature without skin; furthermore, chances are that you probably think of a living creature that has been skinned via the traditional methods (e.g., a hunting knife). But what if that skin were actually removed by a good old fashioned cleansing fire? Would being flayed by flame be more or less gruesome than being flayed by blade?

Such is the philosophical quandary posed by Skinless’ highly entertaining new video for their song “Flamethrower.” Unsurprisingly, the band’s brand of br00tality goes really well with film footage of shit getting burnt to a crisp in the most spectacular of ways. The result? A pyromaniacal clip that would surely please Beavis and Butt-head.

Check out the clip for “Flamethrower” below! The song appears on Skinless’ Only the Ruthless Remain, which is out now on Relapse. Get digital copies here and physical editions here.

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