The Ghost Inside Confirmed for Warped Tour… 2017


While the lineup for the 2016 iteration of Warped Tour just hit the presses, for at least one band it’s not too soon to start thinking about 2017: The Ghost Inside. According to a Tweet from Warped Tour:

The Ghost Inside, of course, were involved in a horrific bus crash last November that left two people dead and three of the band members very seriously injured. They’re still in intensive recovery, with recent updates on their status available here.

I love that The Ghost Inside — with help from The Warped Tour’s organizers — have set such a lofty goal for themselves. But rehab from such serious injuries is an unpredictable beast. Drummer Andrew Tkaczyk lost a leg in the crash and is just now, nearly six months later, learning how to walk again. While I’m certain he spends all day every day dreaming up all sorts of ways he’ll play a kit with one leg (or perhaps be fitted for a prosthesis?), I can’t imagine he’s gotten behind the drums yet. Vocalist Jonathan Vigil just had a setback when he was diagnosed with a bone infection in one of his surgically repaired ankles, and he’ll have to wait six weeks for that to clear up before surgery can resume. Who knows what else these guys will face? But now at least The Ghost inside have a goal to work towards.

And then there’s that moment these four men are going to step inside a tour bus for the first time since the crash, which by then will have been almost two years ago. Holy shit, I can’t even imagine how emotional and intensely fucking scary that is going to be. But they’re determined to do it. Fuck yeah. I feel so inspired… and I don’t even like this band’s music!

As a reminder, a Gofundme page set up by MetalSucks’ own Brian Storm to help cover The Ghost Inside’s medical bills has raised over $150,000 to date, although it’s now abundantly clear that that amount won’t even begin to cover their medical treatment; they probably blew right through it in a matter of days. The Gofundme drive is still open, so please give what you can. Epitaph Records is also giving all proceeds from the sale of the band’s material directly to them without the label taking any cut, so please buy some of their music as well. Every little bit helps.

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