Do Not Watch the New Intronaut Video on Acid


Last year, Intronaut dropped a video for “Fast Worms,” off of their epic new album The Direction of Last Thingsthat featured a weed-smoking tail-chasing dolphin. It was as weird and off-putting as it sounds, and would have been a fascinating video to watch in the grip of a hallucinogenic drug.

But Intronaut’s new video for “Sul Ponticello” doesn’t seem like it’d be as much fun to watch super high. It’s not nearly as elaborate — the video is an animated series of images from the album art of Last Things — but the types of images being displayed and the erratic way in which the viewer is shown them are just balls-out negative. It’s the kind of video that would having a chemically-compromised fan thinking about death, and our society, and how we’re all just meat for the buzzards, really.

So, enjoy! Here’s “Sul Ponticello.” The Direction of Last Things is out now on Century Media. The band’s currently on a Metal Injection-sponsored tour with Scale The Summit and North, so get dates here. Maybe don’t be on acid at that either, though.

[via Metal Underground]

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