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Sh*t That Comes Out Today: March 25, 2016

  • David Lee Rothmund

Amon Amarth - Jomsviking

Hello MetalSucks reader! Welcome to Shit That Comes Out Today, your Satanic bible of this week’s heavy new releases. We list ‘em, we spotlight ‘em, we link you to their preview jams and full streams — and we usually stick ‘em in a fancy Spotify playlist too (below) — all for your jammage! Now crank this shit up.


lachingaLa Chinga
Freewheelin’ (Small Stone)
On a playlist with: Monster Magnet, Turbonegro, Black Sabbath
Listen  “White Witchy Black Majik” (hereFreewheelin’ full stream (here)

Bands with hyper-style often fall short of expectations. All show, no go, right? The same cannot be said for La Chinga: at every turn you expect Freewheelin’ to devolve into some kind of trite and funneled replay of typical fast-beat stoner rock. But instead it joy-rides you until you shit your pants out of sheer delight! Reach for the “oh shit!” handles, scream for your life with a grin on your face, etc.


Cobalt Slow ForeverCobalt
Slow Forever (Profound Lore)
On a playlist with: Woe, Leviathan, Altar Of Plagues
Listen Slow Forever full stream (here)

Risky business is fading into obscurity and then roaring back like you’d never left. Slow Forever takes big leaps with small steps: there’s nothing tangled or mind-numbing here. Just straightforward, no-frills metal metal, newly fronted by the dude from Lord Mantis. And the vocals here deserve special mention: they are as sick as you’d expect, and carry Slow Forever straight to the gut… slowly.


Spiritual BeggarsSpiritual Beggars
Sunrise To Sundown (Inside Out)
On a playlist with: Van Halen + Grand Magus + Carcass
Listen “Sunrise To Sundown” (here)

Non-snob guitar snobs, gather. Michael Amott: a Truly Talented Guitarist whose name doesn’t precede the artwork. Sunrise To Sundown is… the Swedish post-mod Van Halen? But really, some of these solos absolutely fucking rip. As if old Arch Enemy licks didn’t diddle doodads, we can now witness the dynamism of Mr. Amott’s finger-voices as they vibrate our spinal cords and such.


Endless Light (Triple Crown)
On a playlist with: Deftones, The Dear Hunter, Colour Revolt
Listen Endless Light full stream (here)

If Deftones isn’t dark or strange enough for you — these are arguable points — then turn to O’Brother. Heck, if your tried-and-true rock-and-roll isn’t properly chafing your taint, maybe you need rougher sandpaper. Endless Light has those rough-mix qualities, plus some truly moving prog, plus the space-vocals. It’ll send you to Cloud Ten without ripping you to shreds along the way.


Caliban GravityCaliban
Gravity (Century Media)
On a playlist with: Threat Signal, Mnemic, Divine Heresy
Listen “Mein Schwarzes Herz” (here) “Paralyzed” (here)

Back, like, in the day when metalcore was still core, Caliban fuckin’ rocked. They had all the angsty-angst à la Darkest Hour, but with edgier edge. And they cleaned up well enough too, the vocals not so painfully terrible. The beast we’re looking at more than a decade later, though, is less beastly. But compared to some of the other junk-core out there, it deserves at least an appropriateness-questionable slap on the arse.


Into The Wild (Artery)
On a playlist with: fishing a nickel out of the garbage disposal while it’s on
Suicide “Faka Faka Yeah” (here) Into The Wild full album (here)

Into The Wild is an album which is for sale. It contains several tracks. It incorporates “beats.” Red plastic cups. Breakdownz. Super-corny camera shake. Booty, watermelon wedges, middle fingers. Teenagers in old-skool convertibles with sunglasses. No fucking hope.



Al-Namrood / Darkestrah Tajer Al Punqia/Akyr Zaman split EP (Shaytan)
American Head Charge Tango Umbrella (Napalm) listen
Amon Amarth Jomsviking (Metal Blade) listen review
Artillery Penalty By Perception (Metal Blade) listen
Like RatsAsking Alexandria The Black (Sumerian) listen
Ahtme The Demonization (Unique Leader) listen
Beastmaker Lusus Naturae (Rise Above) listen
Black Black Black Altered States Of Death And Grace (Aqualamb) listen
Blood O Agios Pethane reissue (Dunkelheit) listen
Blood Ceremony Lord Of Misrule (Rise Above) listen
phazmThe Body and Full Of Hell One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache (Neurot) listen listen listen
Bonfire Pearls (UDR) listen
Echoes Of The Moon Entropy CD (Avantgarde) listen
Fall Of Minerva Portraits (Basick) listen
Fear Of Domination Atlas (Inverse) listen
Hammer Fight Profound And Profane (Napalm) listen listen
Rotting RepugnancyHorrified Of Despair (Stormspell) listen
Ifrinn Ifrinn EP (Iron Bonehead) listen
Immensity The Isolation Splendour (Hypnotic Dirge) listen
Judas Priest Battle Cry CD/DVD (Epic) watch
Kuoleman Galleria Karsimys Kunniaan (Inverse) listen
Like Rats Like Rats (Southern Lord) listen
Lody Kong Dreams And Visions (Mascot) listen
Rotten Sound - Abuse to SufferMetal Church XI (Rat Pak) listen
Mourning Soul Ego Death: Ritual I (Dolorem) listen
Necronomicon Advent Of The Human God (Season Of Mist) listen
Phazm Scornful Of Icons (Osmose) listen
Ragnarok Psychopathology (Agonia) listen
Rimfrost Rimfrost (Non Serviam) listen
ZippoRorcal Creon (Bleak) listen
Rotten Sound Abuse To Suffer (Season Of Mist) listen listen listen
Rotting Repugnancy Harbringers Of The Last Judgement (CDN) listen
Slave One Disclosed Dioptric Principles (Dolorem) listen listen
Tournament Teenage Creature (The End) listen
zunVibrion Bacterya (Xtreem) listen
Walls Of Jericho No One Can Save You From Yourself (Napalm) listen listen listen
WolveSpirit Free (Spirit Stone) listen
Wormed Krighsu (Season Of Mist) listen
Zippo After Us (Apocalyptic Witchcraft) listen
Zun Burial Sunrise (Small Stone) listen

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