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Perturbator Gets Pixelated on “Sentient” Video


Perturbator - The Uncanny ValleyYeesh, is there a hotter artist in the world right now than Perturbator? Metalheads love him, electronic nerds coo, his jams are bangable at dance parties, and even the indie kids can get down with his unstoppable songs. He’s like the star musician at your high school: girls want to bone him, guys want to be him, and even the jocks are jealous of his insane talent and good looks.

Just a couple of weeks after getting the hard as fuck slammer “Neo Tokyo” from Perturbator’s upcoming album The Uncanny Valley, today we get a new song and music video in one shot. Musically, “Sentient” is the polar opposite of “Neo Tokyo” — it’s slow and ballady, and it has vocals courtesy of Hayley Stewart, who’s guested with Perturbator in the past — and visually, the Valenberg-directed video plays like something straight out of an in-between-scene montage in a vintage NES game. It’s supremely pixelated and overly dramatic and it’s absolutely gorgeous.

For a look into the plot of the video, here’s the description of the full album’s story:

The main character is the motorcycle helmet-clad vigilante known as the Night Driving Avenger.  His narrative intertwines with a female android/assassin, fighting for liberty and equality in a cynical world that attempts to eradicate all traces of the machines.  The duo attempt to dismantle an underground faction who spreads their message of hate through a false religion – its recruiting station is the black church that hovers over the city.

Check it out below via Bloody Disgusting. The Uncanny Valley comes out on May 6th via Blood Music; pre-order here in a variety of formats and special editions.

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