We’re Finally Going to Get That Debut Unlocking the Truth Album


Last we heard from Unlocking the Truth, they were trying to get out of their seemingly-lucrative deal with Sony. When that news came to light, it started to look like these three young dudes would be remembered as an interesting media piece rather than an impressive band leading the way for the next generation of metalheads.

But apparently, the band has finally sorted their shit out, as it’s been announced that Unlocking the Truth’s debut album, titled Chaos, will be released on June 17th via independent distributor Tunecore.

Frontman Malcolm Brickhouse had the following to say:

“We can’t wait for everyone to hear our album. We’ve worked very hard to give the fans something they’ll love and never forget. We hope they are able to relate to the songs the way that we do and have the time of their lives listening to them. We know that this album will blow you guys away.”

First off, I love this statement, and I love the album title. Something that UTT have done well is total earnestness, and both of those things get that across.

Second, I agree with Vince’s claim that while a $1.8 million contract looks impressive on paper, the caveat of selling 250,000 copies of the band’s debut feels like an easy way to get trapped. If Unlocking the Truth are really all about the music, then they should feed a large record company’s interest in what is perceived as their “gimmick” — being three super-young African American kids making heavy music. I say go independent, focus on the music, and hopefully make more money on every record sold (unlike Vince, I know little of how the clockwork of the music industry works, so maybe I’m full of shit).

We’ll let you know what we think of the album when we hear it, you can be sure of that.

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