Mark Morton’s New Solo Track Makes Me Want to Noodle Dance in a Poncho


Remember in January, when Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton released his first solo project track with Clutch’s Jean-Paul Gaster on drums, and it was crunchier than cruelty-free granola? Well, Mark’s released a new jam, this one called “Love Heals.” Yeah. You can hear it below.

When I listen to this track, I thank whatever gods may be that I live in Denver. If I was still a New Yorker, taking the subway and walking through Columbus Circle every day on the way to work, I’d probably hear this track, maybe spit at something, and loudly pronounce, “Oh, what the fuck, dude!” Thankfully, I’m in the land of legal weed and boundless wilderness, so I can nod along without that level of irritation and rancor.

Anyway, listen to “Love Heals” below. Hopefully you won’t have flashbacks to that butterface you took back to your tent at Coachella, but we promise nothing.

[via The PRP]

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