Sebastian Bach to Return as Frontman of Hep Alien on Netflix’s Gilmore Girls Revival


For some reason, Skid Row do not want Sebastian Bach as their frontman anymore, even though they’d make a taintload of money to reunite with him and all of us fans want him to return. If only everyone involved in this ridiculous feud could receive some kind of wake-up call to show them how bad life is with Bach out of Skid Row.

Well, that wake-up call has arrived, as it’s been announced that Bach will be featured on Netflix’s upcoming Gilmore Girls revival, where he’ll once more front Hep Alien, featured above. We’ll give you a moment to finish dry-heaving.

For our younger readers, Gilmore Girls was a show about a woman and her teenage daughter whose hidden crystal meth addictions cause them to speak faster than any actual human being should ever speak. The show also featured such unforgettable characters as Asian Friend, Melissa McCarthy Before She Got Famous, and, apparently, Sebastian Bach as “Gil,” the frontman of Hep fucking Alien.

And yet, somehow, Bach makes the whole thing a little less obnoxious:

“Honestly, the way I look at [my appearances on] television is to promote my music. I know that’s silly, but, to me, the albums last forever, more than any TV show. MTV doesn’t play rock videos, but if I’m on Gilmore Girls, it’s like, ‘Who is this dude? I’m going to check out his albums.’”

well, okay. If one person ends up listening to “Slave to the Grind” because they saw Bach on Gilmore Girls, then I guess it isn’t a total loss. One might also wonder if they really want to party with someone who leans about bands through shows like Gilmore Girls, but hey, I bought the first Darkane record while I was trying to get a copy of Korn’s Issues, so maybe we’re all posers at the end of the day.

Anyway, look out for the triumphant return of Hep Alien when Gilmore Girls returns to Netflix. Just don’t tell anyone you watched it.

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