The Darkness Want to Give Dissed Justin Bieber Fans Free Tickets and VIP Passes

  • Axl Rosenberg

I’m not a fan of The Darkness’ music, but this is about as menschy as menschy gets.

Loudwire reports that San Diego Beliebers suffered some serious heartache recently when Justin Bieber cancelled a meet n’ greet because he was feeling “drained and unhappy.” Adding serious injury to this already-grievous insult: fans had paid $2,000 (!!!) for their alleged VIP experience, but could only get a refund for the cancelled meet n’ greet by returning the entire package — in other words, not only did they not get to meet Bieber, but they wouldn’t be able to go to the concert, either. A blessing disguise? Perhaps. But still: a very expensive blessing in disguise.

What the fuck does this have to do with The Darkness, you ask? Well, this:

The Darkness v Justin Bieber

Hopefully, this turns some people onto The Darkness. And hopefully, that turns those people onto other metal. The Biebs’ loss could be our community’s gain!

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